Kolobe Security Services is a wholly black owned company which became operational in 2002.
The entity is supported by professionals who are young, energetic, dedicated team of diverse expertise, astute and focused individuals of impeccable characters.
Over the years, Kolobe Security continues to seek and strive with clients and strengthen existing relationships by providing dependable and affordable services without compromising integrity.
We encourage creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship, whilst continually striving to provide the environment, location and balance towards the needs of our employees without sacrificing our integrity in the market place.
Via preferential relationships with approved suppliers, Kolobe Security Services is able to offer the full range of security hardware and equipment such as access control systems, alarms, electronic monitoring fencing, communications systems and CCTV.

Kolobe Security Services ensures that optimizing and maintaining of product quality and standards via its relationship with these suppliers, therefore guaranteeing the client's satisfaction.

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