Kolobe Security Services strives to offer equal opportunities, based on performance and requirements, to all people in its employ.
All employment activities take place within the framework of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and relevant Labor legislation.
Kolobe Security complies with stringent quality control measures. We continue to be guided and implement a quality management programs coherent with SABS ISO 9001:2000

The training center provides all security training services including Grades E to A.

In additional emphasis is placed on ongoing on-site training by operations management and supervisory staff, as well as by mobile trainers.
Kolobe Security allows flexibility in the application of uniforms suitable to client requirements, ranging from conventional combat kit for rural mining applications, through to commercial and industrial premises, to up market dress code for shopping centers and retail environments.

At all times uniforms should be practical, comfortable and conducive towards making the employee feel proud in executing his/ her functions.
  • Professional security and assets protection
  • Foyer Reception security personnel
  • CCTV monitoring
  • VIP protection and escort services
  • Security consulting and risk management

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